Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Comcast Latest Victim of Massive Data Breaches

If you’re a Comcast customer, you may want to take note of this latest data breach…

Comcast announced that they’re going to have to reset the passwords of nearly 200,000 customers after it was discovered that its customer's private information was released on one of those identity buying websites.

You can read the whole article here...

What Can You Do as a Comcast Customer?

Supposedly, Comcast is offering identity monitoring to those that were affected. The question then becomes how do you know if your identity was compromised?

Sure you can wait and see if Comcast tells you, but what if they never contact you and your private information was released and maybe even sold on those identity stealing websites?

You can play the waiting game and hope that your information wasn’t compromised or you can be proactive and do more for yourself instead of relying on Comcast. It is nice that they’re offering identity protection, but know that it’s the bare minimum that they can offer, it’s not the top of the service that you’re getting.

After all, if Comcast offered its customers that were affected the best identity protection service, they would go out of business. They had 200,00 of its customers affected and I’m sure that’s just the number they were able to verify. It could be thousands more that were comprised but Comcast hasn’t caught it yet. And this is just one incident.

The unknowns are downright scary especially if you care about your credit and becoming a victim of identity theft.

Steps to Take

  • Monitor your credit closely or join a reputable identity theft protection site that has active monitoring of the dark web (where identities are bought and sold)
  • Change your Comcast password if you haven’t already.
  • If you use your Comcast password on any other type of financial site (banks, credit cards), you absolutely should change those passwords. Never use the same password on multiple sites. Use a service like Last Pass to create and help you remember passwords.
Remember, you have to be proactive about your credit monitoring. With all these data breaches, it's just a matter of time before you are affected. Using a top service that doesn't gouge you with their prices is ideal and makes monitoring a lot easier.

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